Meet the Team

Alisha Owen has been a valued member of the Splash’s team for over 3 years.

Studying to become a Primary School teacher, Alisha is very well suited to her teaching, Customer Service and Teacher Support roles with us.

What does she like about her job? “I love being greeted with young smiling faces and being surrounded by such a positive environment at work. I find it most rewarding when students are enjoying themselves and having fun”.

Hobbies? Going on walks, yoga, skiing over winter and swimming over summer.

Alisha’s greatest achievement? Receiving an ATAR score of 97 after completing Year 12.

Favourite food? Mangoes and avocados.

Favourite quote? “Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder!”

Meet the team - Alisha Owen

Teacher Training Workshop

Our Teacher Training Workshop was a great success on Sunday 7th February!

Held twice a year, the Splash’s team get together to refine teaching methods and come up with fresh ideas. Just another way we strive to make our lessons effective and stimulating.

Team Photo 2016